Sunday, May 16, 2010

tour de high life

...meanwhile, at the High Country Tour du Life

podium for jay?

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nosmith said...

Yeah, 3rd is better than 4th but not as good as 1st or 2nd. I even got my photo taken getting the medal, but I forgot to zip my jersey all the way up. I don't have an image so I appreciate the sweet golden miller photo.

Speaking of golden, the best of it was that I road with the Yellow Jersey all day. Ok, not the maillot jaune or the Jersey de Oro but the leader of the Tour du Life. Well at least the Cat4/5 35+ omni leader.

It was a great day and spectacular course with multiple climbs, technical descents and an uphill finish on George's Gap in Sugar Grove. Six of us dropped the pack, seemed like more than 16, at the top of the first climb. We worked well together for about 18 more miles getting time checks from the motos and eventually got about a 2 minute lead on a chase of 4. On the second to last climb 3 of us, including the yellow jersey, dropped everyone and road to the base of George's Gap together. At the base of the climb I stood up and a huge cramp shot through my hamstring. Somehow I recovered and actually lead the whole way up the final climb. Well, not the whole way. The other 2 attacked with about 100 meters to go and all I could do was watch and take 3rd.

I did the climb again from the other side after the race. Gotta get ready for the Assault on Mitchell 2 weeks from tomorrow. Thanks for the schawlbe tires.