Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Juicy Fruita...

I answered the phone yesteday at work and to my surprise it was a fellow North Kackalacky transplant, Derrick from Chapel Hill lore. Derrick and I met back at Franklin Street Cycles way back around 1999. Oh the good old days. Derrick caught the bug that I caught for Colorado and moved to Fruita with his family a few months back. A bold move.....but one that I am starting to hear more and more these days. You see Derrick didn't just up and move to Fruita, he made a major life change that was fueled by this need for uninhibited and unlimited access to mountain bike bliss. Much like numerous other BCC'ers.....Derrick completed his PhD and was working on a couple of post docs in the world of academia (Go Tar Heels!!).....but as his blog explains:

"After that trip, I went back to my postdoc job in neurobiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, then did another in genetics, only to realize that my love for science wasn't enough to overcome how miserable the indoor activities of science made me feel."

Anyways, fast forward to now and Derrick has begun an ambitious plan of starting a new company called Juicy Fruita. His goal is to first provide "beta" to incoming mountain bikers who are not familiar with local trails, giving them the essential knowledge that will ensure killer rides and keep them out of hypothermia's grips. Colorado is a different beast than hitting up the loops at Crabtree or Chapel Hill North. If you don't come prepared, if you don't respect the weather........you might not make it home in one piece. In other words Juicy Fruita will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need. Currently, Fruita and Grand Junction have been "beta-ized" and Crested Butte is soon to follow. Below are some sample taken from the website.

Juicy Fruita is also working towards offering turnkey trips for anyone wanting to visit the sweetest Colorado singletrack hotbeds. Clients will be able to book a trip that includes everything from rental car, bikes, food, guidance, lodging.....etc.

So there is still hope for all the BCC academia types out there.......ummm....SmAli, Professor, Pirate, Senor Curveship......

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