Sunday, May 30, 2010

day in pink

did i mention we got shot?

last saturday, actually. north of town on New Sharon Church Road at Terry Road, some punk teenagers in an suv peered out of the window and the next thing i know some piece of junk is ricocheting off my shin and i hear it hitting a bike behind me. Corey exclaims and we stop to see that he's been hit in the leg with a paintball. neon pink.

so, support strict anti-pantball legislation. in fact, if NC legislators can propose crazy laws--like limiting cyclists to riding two abreast, unless in sight of a car, at which point they need to scamper under rocks like detestable little roaches--i propose that we initiate an around-the-clock curfew for all persons under, say, 30. they don't vote and they wreck all our cool shit. so if they're not in school, or working at Cold Stone Creamery, or racing bikes, lock them in the basement.

then local cyclist "Famous" Ray drove by after picking strawberries and gave me one. juicy, like a paintball, but much sweeter. i don't think anyone actually calls him Famous Ray, but i was just thinking about the battles in New York about a number of pizza places claiming to be the Original Ray's or Famous Ray's or some variation on that name.

also, support your local farms.

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