Friday, May 14, 2010

li'l italy

with the tour of italy in full swing, and since this website supports intergalactic peace and understanding, it seems appropriate to counteract the negative stereotypes that americans often use to depict italians by presenting, what else, italians making fun of americans. in particular, the english language. apparently, according to the internet, this video is of an italian comedian singing made-up lyrics composed of sounds that he figured sounded like english. huh? yep. in any event, it is the dopest italian song ever (that's right, fuck you, guiseppi verdi).


curveship said...

Awesome. Judging by his wikipedia bio -- which I initially thought was a hoax, but appears to check out -- he's led the most fantastic life ever:

co2cycle said...

based on the in-depth research methodology of sir curveship, it's no wonder he's taking as long as me to finish school.
keep on rockin' in the post-fascist world, y'all.

curveship said...

live by the geek, die by the geek