Monday, May 24, 2010

just ride

Last year, Clive Sweeney was riding his bicycle in north Durham and was hit and killed by a reckless driver. Clive's is an all-too familiar story of an avid cyclist meeting a tragic end at the hands of a motorist either too distracted, too disrespectful, or frankly too dumb to respect a fellow human's life and well-being. But Clive's story is more than just another cautionary tale of the perils of motorists (note that I did not say the perils of cycling, which is a generally safe and healthy endeavor, but the perils of motorists, who can cause great harm to cyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists if they are not taking seriously their responsibilities as a driver). Clive's is a story of a person. A person with a family. A person with friends. A familiar face beneath a bicycle helmet on the local roadways. A person who is no longer a member of this wonderful community.

And it is for these reasons, these stories, that we would like to invite you to join us for the second annual Ride For Clive, to celebrate the life of someone who loved cycling by, what else, cycling. Saturday, June 5th at 9am at the American Tobacco Campus' Diamond View Park. The route will take along 12 miles of the American Tobacco Trail, a flat, car-free greenway (with several road crossings). Since it's an out-and-back route, you can do as much or as little as the ride, as leisurely as you like (no racing on this one--join us Tuesday evenings at 5:30 at the Bicycle Chain in Durham if you want to go fast).

The ride is free and some light refreshments will be provided by Bull City Cycling and Clive's coworkers at McKinney. Please check out the site that McKinney have set up and RSVP: Ride For Clive.

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felonious said...

Far and away this was the best thing I did on a bike last year.