Monday, October 19, 2009

Warrior Professor-Princess

I ran into the Professor yesterday while he was on his way to an evening symposium of libations and dialectics. He mentioned that he plans to race the new singlespeed CX class this weekend in Cary and Raleigh because all competitors can add on a second race for only 5 dollars. Then me chastised me for making excuses for not racing, telling me that if he plans on racing four times next weekend surely I could manage to get out there at least once. It goes without saying that my shame is monumental, but then I see the bike honoring his Japanese heritage the Professor will be racing in said singlespeed class this weekend and my shame is doubled over. Slay on Warrior Professor-Princess!

1 comment:

co2cycle said...

that looks like a difficult bike to cary on your shoulder, but the disc wheel would really cut through the wind. get me one and i'll race it.