Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hollywood Files

Sure, The Professor, OG, and Jay actually have to ride their CX bikes. But just as Alberto Contador has outsourced his signature "fingerbang" Hollywood informs me that his cyclocross bike is turning laps under someone named David Hasselhoff, I mean "Kitt" this season. Hollywood's bike has already placed 2nd at a local Colorado race and he's predicting that he'll move to the top step of the podium at this weekend's Boulder Cup race. Brian says, bring it on. His bike is ready.


co2cycle said...

nice pedals.

hollywood said...

yes yes....the pedals.....mine are XTR and on there now....those were the demo test ride pedals to give Kit a test ride. yes he did race it for two weekends in september.....but now it is all mine. gotta help the future Garmin kido out. After all a 17 year old needs all the help he can get in making it in the big leagues.