Friday, October 23, 2009

race across the why?

the cycling documentary "Race Across the Sky" screened in Raleigh yesterday. i skipped in because i opted to attend cyclocross practice (featuring smAli on his brand-spankin'-new cx bike) and then watch "30 Rock". BCC sibling and occasional commenter "miniweesh" did manage to see it in New Jersey and filed this report:

"I didn't know what the point of "Race Across The Sky" was before I dropped $12.50 to see it in a theatre. I still don't. The soundtrack is the unholy spawn of an anti-shoplifting PSA circa 1990 and a high-stakes elimination reality show about competition cat grooming (that is to say it is simultaneously totally awesome and taint numbingly awful). Just as with shoplifting, however, there is no such thing as a "victimless crime" and unfortunately the real victims here are the dignities of anybody associated with the production of this audio-visual debacle. The requisite elements of any second-rate documentary are there in formulaic splendor: the lovable but eccentric event organizer, the battle at front the between two equals from opposite ends of the spectrum, inspiring back-stories of personal triumph and heroism, etc... Except that the organizer comes off as a creepy kook, Dolf Lundgen beats Rocky, and the public interest stores end up flatter than Lance’s rear tire at the end of the race. Incidentally, one of the only truly enjoyable moments in the film was when Lance flats near the finish and we see the look of terror on his face when he realizes there’s no team car he has absolutely no idea how change it. Remember kids, cinematic storytelling works best when there’s actually a story to be told. And, $12.50 buys a lot of PBRs."

Not a glowing review. However, as I reminded him, he did learn how to be a movie critic from these guys:

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