Wednesday, October 7, 2009


the first nice day after several days of rain. and it was a beauty. sunny, right around 80. but here's the thing: i couldn't get myself motivated to get on my road bike. i know i need to ride, as not to get destroyed at the cyclocross races in richmond this weekend. also, as spring turns to fall turns to winter, these nice days could be growing scarce. but i just couldn't ride. and here's the other thing: i went for a run.

a run? ack. running is what i save for the crappy weather days. what's happening to me?

it actually would have been a nice day for a duke forest cyclocross ride. but unfortunately, they've got it closed for the deer population reduction.

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hollywood said...

ugh.....I ran today too. first time in a long long time.

my attempt to offset crappy weather with something active as well.....snowed in denver today. nothing fancy just snow showers.