Friday, October 2, 2009

can't stop/won't stop

writing is like riding. i've got to do it regularly to stay in shape. the more i do it, the more feel like i improve. if i take a week or two off from either, and i lose a bit of my punchiness. and, of course, i participate in both of these endeavors knowing full well i don't have the skills to get paid to do either.

i've only recently upgraded from a cat-5 to a cat-4 writer. i'm no longer totally sketchy and am less likely to crash-out the entire field. nevertheless, i still make a lot of amateur mistakes, like attacking at the wrong time, failing to hold my line, and embarking on a long, ill-fated extended metaphor.

so why do either? i suppose it's purely for the self-gratification. and it's fun. i do hope to entertain the dozen or so people who show up to watch a cycling event and/or read this blog, and actually relish the times when people cheer (or at least post comments).

so thanks for continuing to read and support our blog and hopefully you haven't figured out that i don't have anything of any substance to write this week and am just churning out some training words.

in the meantime, i've been working my way through some of the interviews at (thanks for finding this site, Ali G(ravel)). here's my current favorite, featuring Ryan Trebon. he's a former NC resident who lapped me in the cyclocross state championships several years ago, so i must give him his due respect.

i guess what i like about this clip is that he comes off as kinda a doofus, but a funny doofus, and i feel like i can relate to that. he also drops a memorable quote that i realized that i've found myself pondering on more than one occasion:

"i don't know how i'm going to beat these guys at the end...uhh, what can i do that these guys can't do as equally as well or faster?"

and finally, right at the end, Georgia Gould shows up out of nowhere and starts making fun of his jersey:
Ryan: "you think you can beat my ass?"
Georgia: "oh i know i can...i dropped your ass at BC on that downhill."
Ryan: "yeah, that's true"

Georgia is my new hero.

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DukePirate said...

Cause you can't and you won't and don't stop!