Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it's the economy, stupid

in these oh-so tough economic times, racing is tough. and although i've advocated FakeRacing as opposed to real road racing and fun mountain biking as opposed to competitive mountain biking under certain circumstances, cyclocross is different. to ride cyclocross is to race cyclocross. or vice-versa. it is true, riding forest trails on a cx bike is fun. however, have you ever tried practicing cyclocross by yourself? you look stupid. riding around in a grass field. jumping off your bike. picking it up. running over invisible barriers. jumping back on your bike. riding around some more. riding an imaginary spiral-of-death. and i don't even want to talk about falling down. an old Zen master once asked, "when a guy practicing cyclocross in an empty field falls on an off-camber turn and no one is there to see it, does he still look like a dufus?" the answer is, of course, yes. however, if you are racing, and hit an invisible root and fall on your face, the crowd roars.

true, they laugh, but then they throw beer at you and holler until you get up and race onward.

and so the North Carolina Cyclocross Series kicks off this weekend. and yes, to race you need a license ($60), a one-time race number/bib fee ($5), entry fee ($20 for most races, $25 for the Cat-1/2), and a possible late fee if you don't register in advance ($10). plus gas, food, laundry detergent, radical tires, a fresh kit, chamois creme, and a bouquet of flowers to give to your special someone to make up for the fact that you've been gone the entire weekend and upon returning just want to sleep and cough and complain about how sore you are and shop online for radical new tires.

however, let it also be noted, "ADDITIONAL RACES ARE $5". which means, once you drag yourself out there, there is only one Abraham Lincoln (in bill form, not in coin form (or reanimated zombie form)) standing between you and another race. i've already taken the rack and derailleurs off the Surly Crosscheck so i can jump into the newly-established singlespeed division this year.

be there. you can't afford not to.

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