Friday, October 16, 2009


crap. i lost my wallet. if you see someone trying to steal my USA Cycling identity and register in a Cat-4 road race without achieving the necessary upgrade points from Cat-5 status, break their nose and/or Scatante. i worked hard for that upgrade and don't want some poser using it. also, if you see anyone with a $20 bill, it's probably mine, so kick their ass for me. even if it's you.


felonious said...


curveship said...

Oh, this is awkward. Chris, I stole your wallet. I tried to convince USCF to downgrade me to cat 4, but they threatened to upgrade me to 2 (the nerve!). Something had to be done.

How about we just switch. That way you can stop sandbagging in the 4s, and I can keep both lungs. Win-win.

I spent the $20 on some Scattante bar tape. You can have that too.