Friday, February 5, 2010

wintery mix

I was happy to see that our Durham friend Bobke Strut is back on the blog again and in fine form. I enjoyed reading his recent post about winter riding and, given yet another Friday of snow and ice, but zero accumulation, I give you, from his hit album "Twelve Inches of Snow":

Also, I went on a road ride with some of the Duke team the other day. Most of the snow had cleared, but when they put the hammer down, this is what happened to my lungs.


John said...

In what has got to be one of the more embarrassing examples of mistaking lyrics, when I was growing up I thought this song said "I'm a farm-er" as opposed to "informer." What's worse, as a hick growing up in rural Kentucky this made me feel a certain solidarity with the tortured artist, who -- like me -- was clearly struggling with the background and geographic identity. Good thing I'm older and wiser now. Or something.

Still, the song rocks and is perfect for my Friday afternoon.

Strut on, Bobke boys!

felonious said...

Pirate, thank you for your comment and the ensuing chuckle.

co2cycle said...

in case you need the lyrics, here's the karaoke version:

and, if you want to see some hype farmin':

John said...

Will Oldham as Kanye West?!?! Frickin' awesome! There's some K-Y funk for ya!