Tuesday, February 16, 2010

all you hosers salute Major (the) bull

When he's not out doing real racing, BCC's Jay is internationally known as a major threat in the virtual cyclocross director sportif challenge. Like fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and Dungeons and Dragons, you select a hypothetical professional team roster and win points based on how they finish. Unlike those other nerdy endeavors, fantasy cyclocross is much nerdier.

And, if you're going to participate in a nerdy endeavor, you might as well be good at it, right? Jay has assembled a top-teir squad this year and is kicking butt in the contest hosted by Winnipeg's Fort Garry Bike Club. However, emboldened by their country's first Olympic medal on home soil in decades, they posted this. For full effect, have someone read their blog post while you watch this (with the sound OFF):

But why these Canadians be hatin'? Canada and North Carolina are not that different. They like their donuts (Tim Horton's) like we like our doughnuts (Krispy Kreme). They like hockey and we have a hockey team (I think the Hurricanes are still here). They make good music (Arcade Fire, Destroyer) that's released on a Durham-based record label (Merge). We both think our neighbors to the south are unsophisticated hicks (we're right, they're only partially right) They like to ride their bikes in the snow, as do we (true, we do this as a novelty while they do it as a necessity, but what can be done). So why can't the folks from the Great White North and the Old North State just get along?

I actually don't know much more about Canada, other than what I've learned from this video, which I assume was produced by Canada's Ministry of Education


dr.h said...


That top video is just wierd. A very American way of trying to be Canadian.

The bottom one, however, is awesome.

John Miles said...

From the first video I learned that in Canada they can grow a mean neck beard.

miniweesh said...

With the sound off the video looks like John Popper on Al Jazeera TV pleading for the safe return of his harmonica (and perhaps a ham sandwich).

co2cycle said...

john popper, poppin' and lockin'. i actually tried to use tubedubber.com to sync up that video with Kraftwerk's "Tour de France", but that site is messed up. imagine it, though.