Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Tabor

The professionals battled on the ice and snow in Tabor, Czech Republic this weekend. Amateurs in Durham awoke to similarly slippery conditions.
Geoph planned to plow our path, so our tires would touch not but pavement, but he didn't have a shovel and the rest of us had plenty of other stuff to do, so we toughened-up and got on with our snowy ride.

True, this was a mere dusting of snow, compared to the arctic winters our dear friends in Winnipeg endure, but still, it's pretty substantial for Durham. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (provided that life has also given you ample amounts of sugar). When life gives you icy roads, make an epic bike ride out of it.

It was cold, but we brought something to warm our hearts.

Inspired by smAli's Phonak jacket, we tried to test Floyd's "Jack Daniels Defense" and see if whiskey actually increases testosterone. I cannot confirm that Early Times either (1) increased testosterone or (2) served as a performance-enhancing supplement, but it may have emboldened our recklessness.

At this point in the ride, my camera battery died, but you'll have to take my word for it that we did indeed shred the Al Buehler trail. And by "shred" I mean pedaled hard and rode slowly. We avoided crashing (much) and Linus managed some rad air and invented a new heel-skid dismount. We received many puzzled looks from kids and adults, sledding and not sledding. One die-hard runner gave us a cheer of encouragement and received a high-five for her effort.

Riding in snow is great fun...once, maybe twice per year. Suffice to say, it's more fun than yet another oval speedway race or riding an indoor trainer. But now that the roadways have turned to slush/ice, they've become a dangerous nuisance, both to steel frames and unbroken bones. So, enough with this winter crap, bring on the springtime. As the temperature warms, I'm ready to re-enact this ride with mint juleps.


dr.h said...

Nice! Well done lads.

Don't forget to mention Jay's big accomplishment. Three weeks left. Can he hold on?

co2cycle said...

oh, dang. i forgot to mention that. jay knows how to pick a tough cyclocross team. i'm getting excited about the fantasy road season.

nosmith said...

I'm sorry to have missed what is a rare epic snow ride for Durhamites though I have gotten odd looks on the Al trail even on nice days. I must say that standing on top of the vicarious cx podium after worlds and while taking in Disney sites feels strangely gratifying but there does not seem to be any one down here to brag about it to. I'll let you know if Mickey is a cx fan tomorrow.

I'm read to make up for missing the snow day with juleps, and looking forward to some long road rides.