Saturday, February 20, 2010

no jacket required

it almost hit 60 today. here are several haikus:

No winter jackets
No booties or toe-covers
Springtime is closer

Boone-Roubaix training
Yes it's road racing, but roads
Don't have to be paved

Bike mechanic said,
While watching Jay fix a tire
That he "felt dirty"

Fratboys on campus
Leave sex-toys on the sidewalk
Linus knocked it down

On the way back home
I saw a surprising thing
Adam running laps

I raced last weekend
Combined college/masters field
I could do either

The thing about blogs
If you don't know these people
They don't make no sense


felonious said...

Haikus! There are no limits to your awesomeness are there?

Jason said...

Yeah, that makes no sense to me, but I appreciate a good Haiku and Boone-Roubaix. Only place I know to train for that is the ATT.

miniweesh said...

Nice Haiku oniisan. Here are a few from this weekend with a NJ flair.

Pothole in pace line
crumples rim like a tin can
next time point it out

dodging snow and ice
with more snow in the forecast
eternal winter

Chris raced this weekend
10 years of college racing
Still Eligible?

John Miles said...

Oishi doth write
Poetic words on the blog
Which Pirate enjoys.

His verse evokes riding:
Pounding out miles of fun
On two skinny wheels.

We need to convince
This supposed scientist
To write more poems.