Thursday, February 4, 2010

more team transfer news

the following post on the Chapel Hill Cycling Googlegroup is a little sad because it seems to mark the departure of a member of the once-mighty Franklin Street team. but more than that, it's confusing. who is this guy? is the Franklin Street team dead? did he get kicked off? did he transfer to whatever the trendy new team is where he gets so much new clothing that he never needs to wear Franklin Street stuff ever again? and, most perplexingly, what random local cyclist would want to buy a used Franklin Street kit?

[Chapel Hill Cycling] For Sale: Franklin St Racing Jersey, skinsuit & accessories



to Chapel
show details 5:23 PM (14 hours ago)
From the 2005/2006 racing year:

1. Medium Full zip short sleeved jersey. New. Never worn, still in
bag. $35

2. Short sleeve skinsuit. Very good condition. Used little. Minor wear
in saddle area and a few marks from race number pins. $40

3. Gloves. Medium/large. Like new condition. $15

4. Aero lycra booties. Like new. $15

5. Knee warmers. Very good condition. $15

6. Arm warmers. Very good condition. $15

All are Team FSC issue. Would make fine team-issue training or TT

$120 for the whole package.

Pics available upon request.


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also, used skinsuit--where's my checkbook?


Anonymous said...

FSC is now team National Guard, complete with a whole new kit. I guess after The Bicycle Chain renamed their stores it was only a matter of time before the FSC team was also renamed. The only question now is when will the P ride cease to be refered to as the P ride.

John said...

I always like referring to the P-ride and Pride ride in my head. As they crushed me.

Poor, sad FSC rider! You can almost see the single, solitary tear slide slowly down his face as he wrote that email. May the sound of a thousand tiny violins accompany you on your next accent of Borland road, my lonely FSC lad! Ride on, red whit and blue, ride on.

hollywood said...

So funny to see the direction that team Franklin Street has taken since 1999, when I first pulled together a rag tag bunch of shop kids to race. Hmmm....much like the way Bull City was coming soon in 2019..... Bull City Cycling will become Team Coast Guard.