Tuesday, February 9, 2010


check out Belgium's newest Olympic ice-dancing star (not Ali):

i actually don't think that adding spikes to cyclocross tires is the biggest event in 2 million years because (a) it's already been done and (b) uh, the iPad, duh. on the other hand, it must be a significant advancement in cycling technology since the UCI has banned them. actually, i'm glad they're banned. while having more traction does increase safety (for the rider who is already trying to ride on ice), it decreases the safety of everyone around them. better handling on ice can be a dangerous thing to super spies.

also, if you start putting sharp metal things on your tires, it's going to lead to an arms race that ends up here:

and if you think demolishing your chariot and killing several horses during a race is expensive, it's nothing compared to replacing a Dugast with a slashed sidewall.

as a sidenote, i never realized how much Sven Nys looks like Tintin.

i think that was actually Davide Rebellin's nickname, but now that he's done, i think Nys should reclaim it.


John said...

Nice. I'd forgotten about Bond hitting the bobsled track in that one.

co2cycle said...

get ready for the olympics! the clip i was actually looking for, at least as i remember it, was from a Bond film (possibly earlier in that one) where they show a close up of two-inch spikes on a motorcycle, right before it mows down some other spy-type person.