Friday, June 20, 2008

we are slackers

No new content since Tuesday?

Adam, Linus, and I raced at the Orange County Speedway on Tuesday. Adam was 2nd in the Bs, I was 4th. Linus was 2nd in the Cs. We went around and around in an oval many times. The News & Observer was there, maybe you can read about it there soon. In the meantime, here's why you should be careful following guys on Cervelos


curveship said...

DukePirate said...

Does the second guy ever get up, or is he still somewhere off the road? I don't really understand why he went over anyway, as he looks like he had a good line on the curve -- was he watching the Swervelo rider, and lost his concentration?

The article is pretty nice, actually, though I wish it didn't focus so much on how few riders there were. Congrats to both Chris and Adam for their finishes, and for their quotes in the paper. Oh, and I think I see a Dark Horse sleeve in the picture -- is that you Adam?

curveship said...

Yep, that's me. But the camera loves Chris, doesn't it? :) Check out the photo album if you haven't already.

I have to say, the Brioche image never occured to me. But I think I'm more of a Pain di Campagne, and Chris a good chewy baguette.

I feel a little bad -- I may have been (partly) responsible for the discussion of low turnout. We got there about the time the C race was supposed to be starting, but at that point, there were only about 5 cars in the lot and no promoter on site. So we were afraid for a while that we were just the people who hadn't heard that it had been cancelled or something. But enough showed up and it was fun (as in, very very painful) after all.

I shoulda played the end differently. I thought I was already well out of first by the finishing sprint, so I was just trying to cover my loses and hold onto 2nd or 3rd. Which meant, rather than chase down the guy I thought was leading, I was covering Dan, the guy who ended up taking 3rd. But it turned out I was in first by 6 points at that point. If I had given Dan and Chris a little more help chasing down the leader, I might have managed a few more places in the sprint and held onto the win. Oh well. Points races are interesting -- a lot of special purpose tactics that you have to learn by experience.