Monday, June 2, 2008

TORC Skills Day at REI Durham

Last Thursday evening JD and I headed over to REI to conduct an hour and a half "Mountain Biking 101" workshop. We had an enthusiastic audience who peppered us with questions during our discussion of bike setup (26ers? 29ers? advantages of each?), riding equipment (funny padding in shorts, is it a good idea?), and riding skills. The last one was the hardest to commmunicate in a class-room setting and is better taught on the trail. Below JD shares the wisdom of his riding years with the audience.

We tried to emphasize the fun and enjoyment we've both found in mountain biking. In addition to the social aspects that keep each of us coming back, there's an attentiveness and appreciation that one gains to the change of the seasons in the forest through mountain biking. Our ride earlier this spring at New Light was a vivid illustration of this kind of change.

There are several notable social events for mountain bikers on the horizon. National Trails day on Saturday, June 7th. TORC will be working at Crabtree on that day, Our friends at Trips for Kids hosts rides for area school kids regularly and can always use volunters. Finally, the Triangle Mountain Bike Festival and Curse of the Crab 6 hour races are scheduled for October 4th. Mark your calendars.

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Trips For Kids - Triangle said...

Thanks for the plug, guys! We'll have 6 kids and 3 volunteers Saturday