Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Video posted by ABC 11

ABC 11 - Durham aired another bicycle story this evening on their evening news. Click here to see a video and/or read the report.

My co-worker Matt (from Greenways Inc.) and myself were interviewed on the topic of existing area bicycle conditions and the need for adequate bicycle facilities on local roads.

Once again thank you to ABC 11 for devoting air time to bicycling.


bullcitybiker said...

Motorist: "I pay the tax on it. They don't."

I bet most of us have paid more "tax on it" than this guy has. Why do we keep hearing this asinine statement from people?

Nice job talking with the media.. not an easy thing to do well. said...

Exactly!!! I pay taxes just like everyone else that owns a motor vehicle. In fact I pay taxes on TWO motor vehicles. I wonder what the people in horse and buggy carts said about cars when they started overtaking their roads? I mean if in am not mistaken the roads were created for horses, stagecoaches, wagons, etc. Things evolve over time and bicycles are just the next smart evolution of transportation.

curveship said...

Gas and vehicle taxes only cover state and federal highway expenditures, not county and local roads (like Pleasant Green). And in recent years, gas taxes haven't covered even the highway expenses. The rest of the money comes from the general fund, i.e., all our income etc. taxes. So yes, we do pay for it as cyclists. I wish the reporters had done the research to include this point. I've heard the argument too many times.