Sunday, June 15, 2008

Old School and TORC Tarwheel MTB Race is a combo post by Pirate and Brian. Brian's text will be dark red, John's will be black.

First let me start off by saying one simple thing. Champion......PLEASE SEND OUR KITS SOON!!! We are in desperate need of our new digs. Custom clothing Durham style just isn't gonna cut it in the long run. This is quite evident by the following photos.

Pirate rockin' his red bibs and custom BCC Non-American Apparel Custom Parking Lot T-Shirt. Now for sale on craiglist for $3.00. It's also available in a non-pit-stained version, but only if you supply the non-pit-stained shirt. And don't let me wear it.

The Professor hard at work designing a signature piece for his upcoming fall collection at Urban Oufitters. And if that whole PhD at the Nicholas School thing doesn't work out, Chris has clearly shown that he has a future in the world of fashion design. Look how the 1987 Oakleys pull his whole outfit together:

Ummmm. Not sure what to say about this. To be honest, it might be best not to say anything, as the sheer intimidation that we're displaying here speaks for itself. Except to point out Brian's massive guns. Ok. I obviously did not get the memo about bringing a white t-shirt. Instead I rocked my Old Lucky Carolina jersey to honor the first mountain bike race at Carolina North Forest.

And of course the rear view. Click to enlarge and view the amazing sharpie skillz. Or don't. Really, don't. Trust me.

When I say that we were rawking it out old school, I mean old schizool: since our kits aren't in yet, Chris "the Professor" Oishi and I took matters into our own hands. More specifically, we took sharpies in hand and apply our artistic skillz to some v-necked tees to make some impromptu jerseys. Needless to say, they were rad. Here's my attempt to take a picture of the back of my shirt myself; while ineffective, I think you can get an idea as to why I have avoided the visual arts:

It's never a good sign when you have to label your drawings so that people know what they are. In the future I think I'll stick to making goofy balloon letters. We did get many compliments and/or snickers about our 'jerseys.' At least BCC is making an impression. Our sponsors may be happy to know that they were not represented anywhere on the tees, and thus their reputations are intact.

Dave was also rocking it out in style, though perhaps a little more classically than the rest of us: Dickies and a tee do this man no harm:

And yeah, he's that good: rode in a t-shirt that didn't even have any sweat on it. This guy is the quintessence of hardcore. He also seems to be winking at the camera, but I don't know what that's all about.

And you might now ask was this a fashion show or bike race? Well the TarWheel race and the Carolina North Trails (aka CHHS trails, aka those trails) was a Bull City Cycling success. Dave, Chris, and Pirate lined up in the largest field of the day -- singlespeed. And once again...for some reason I signed up for expert. Consistency is about all I can say for myself. Each of my three lap times were pretty close and I tried to pace myself through the 31 mile course. Kudos to Alex Hawkins for a stellar loop. I haven't had that much fun mt bike racing in a long time.

Dave hit every jump, root ball, rock pile, skinny and put on a skillz clinic for all non-Chapel Hillians. Pirate once again proved that we should never listen to his constant babble about not riding enough and being blah blah other words he was rolling and if it weren't for a late late crash at the end of his final lap he would have slotted in at 4th in singlespeed. Instead he had to settle for 5th I believe. The "Fashion" Professor once again managed to annihilate every single rock, root, and bunny (do not hurt the bunniez!) in route to another 2nd place finish in singlespeed. Second only to Alex Hawkins, who marked today's trail and most likely installed excessive high gravity zones in places along the trail to which he was of course immune. I mean am I the only one that is in on the excessive "on demand" gravity thing? Ferreal. I'm going to talk to my sister at NASA and see if I can get some help on exposing this.

Brian was pretty happy to be done with the thirty-mile expert race, so much so that his smile of joy almost broke his face. (Thanks Pirate this is not a pretty picture of me.)

All-n-all: good times. Thanks to all who helped make this race a success. Oh and Happy Father's Day to the BCC Dads and their Dads out there.

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We should get the white shirts framed and hang them in the BCC museum.

Korps said...

We have a museum?

felonious said...

I heard a rumor about unicorn power. Details?

DukePirate said...

Yes, we have a museum, and if the smell blowing in from my clothesline this morning is any indication, it's going to be a smelly one. Come to think of it, maybe we ought to rethink the museum idea.

Chris's most masculine pink unicorn power baby tee was scaring off the competition in the parking lot and at the registration table, and has been credited with at least three DNFs.

co2cycle said...

Unicorn Power is nothing to laugh at.

DukePirate said...

I would never, ever laugh at unicorn power.

curveship said...


(And congrats to all for the results!)