Sunday, June 29, 2008

World Premier Video

If you haven't figured out how excited all of us here at Bull City Cycling are to have our brand new kits, check out the following videos and photos from yesterday's mountain bike ride in Raleigh.

What you are about to watch are the first world premier videos of Bull City Cycling in action.

The first video was shot while we were rolling through Umstead State Park.

Pirate, Ali and Dave rollin' through Umstead.

The second video is of the Crabtree County Park pump track.

Ben on Chris' bike spinning around the pump track at Crabtree.

2 comments: said...

technical difficulty...working on it.

DukePirate said...

Great work Brian! Really, I think that the videos look great. Clearly someone needs to get helmet cam.

I especially liked the one of us in the pack at Umstead. We should try a couple shots like that on the road.

Hollywood comes through again!