Friday, June 27, 2008

Cycling is more, not less.

Today is the day I picked up my kits and I am very proud of being part of this team. I am training hard to meet the standards of the rest of my teammates. I look forward for the day that we become a household name in the cycling world, and when I say world, I mean Durham. Every time I hit the pavement, I worry. I think of the loss of a friend, and how it impacted my feelings about bad drivers. I strive hard not to be the cyclist which gives attitude to all the folks who come just a bit too close for comfort, to me when riding, but instead pitty them.
Ride hard, ride safe and lets go out there and kick some major butt.

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co2cycle said...

Cap'n Korps! You definitely exemplify the standards of BCC. Our goal is to promote good will among Durham cyclists as well as improve the visibility of cyclists in the larger community. So keep fighting the good fight, riding your bike, and reminding drivers that we're nice people with friends and families that just want to share the road.