Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back in the saddle

Ah, yes, I remember that feeling: tired legs, stiff back, ravenous hunger -- must be riding season again. After a week of bizarrely winter-like weather I got out today for the first time it what seemed like forever. I still had to go kitted-up in knickers and arm warmers, which seems pretty bizarre for April, but at this point I'll take whatever I can get.

I wasn't able to make the Tuesday FakeRace, so I settled for a spin around west Durham/eastern Orange County by my ownself. Not a long ride, or a fast one, or one that I felt particularly strong on. In fact, it was only remarkable for being the first in what felt like a month.

I hope everyone got in a little saddle time. Trail time, on the other hand, still looks to be a long way off.

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