Friday, April 18, 2008

Triangle Trips for Kids Fundraiser

Triangle Trips for Kids is holding a fundraising raffle for a brand new BMC TrailFox 2. Each ticket costs $20 and only 500 will be sold. You can order tickets online (there is a one dollar processing fee), or from our very own Dave Bryan, who has a handful of tickets with him.

Here's a pic of the TrailFox:

The specs on the bike look really nice: it's an XT-level component spec with 120mm of rear travel, a RockShox fork, and a DTSwiss shock and rims. Not bad for $20. (OK, so it really retails for something like $2300, but you get the point.)

Chris (aka Professor Smooth) bought the first ticket, but Dave assures me that gives him no statistical advantage.

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