Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Real writers write about cycling

The NY Times Online's "Other Sports" section is a wealth of information about fringe sport enthusiasts just like us. Just like us, but with more talent and more heart-warming backstories.

Yes, they've chronicled the awesomeness of cyclocross.

And despite the fact that they cut two track cycling events to add BMX, who doesn't love a love story about Mormon BMX Olympic hopefuls. BMX looks fun, but just as non-cyclists think that any adult who rides a bike is wasting their time on a kid's toy, within the cycling world, roadies and mtbers will probably always hold that same level of contempt against adult BMXers. Kudos for the Times for giving them their time in the spotlight.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, Asian people can take testosterone and not get caught. For a sub-set of the population who also has a genetic propensity to have trouble processing alcohol, this is a fairly lousy tradeoff--at least based on my own pro-anti-doping/anti-prohibition platform. Do these new findings have any implications for half-Asian folks? I'm sure science is working on it.

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