Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting the first event out of the way...

Well, I can happily say that I got my first road event of my cycling career out of the way. I have to admit I was a bit nervous before I arrived at the time trial yesterday and was a little intimidated to find out that I was just about the only person that didn't have a totally tricked out time trial bike. Man there were some beautiful machines there...I have never seen so many hed tri spoke wheels, skin suits and full disc wheels in all my life.

Nevertheless, I headed out for a 45 minute warm-up and decided to just enjoy the beautiful countryside and hope for a good effort. The legs felt pretty good and I had a couple of friends out there to cheer me on so life was good.

I rolled up to the start line just in time and took off as fast as my legs would go.

I ended up passing two people along the way but got passed once myself by the guy who took second overall, he was a hammerhead.

I think I took 6th in my age group, mid pack overall and averaged 22.5 mph for the event. I am pretty pleased with the effort and definitely learned a bunch. Now that the first one is out of the way, I am ready to go at the mtb events this summer, blood, sweat and gears, bridge to bridge and triple hump.

And if you have not been to The Iron Gate Winery you should check it out. The wine is pretty good, not that I would know the difference, and the vibe is super cool.

That's it for now. Hope you guys had a great weekend and some good rides.



DukePirate said...

Congratulations on getting the first one out of the way! It sounds like you did pretty damn well, especially considering that you were on a non-aero road bike and pitted against all those TT rigs. Great start to the season.

co2cycle said...

Nice work B-Swad!
Results are up at:
22.42 mph avg speed
8th place, men 30-39
24th overall