Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fliers on Mountain Bike Racing

In preparation for the clinic last weekend I put together a couple of fliers for people interested in getting started in mountain bike racing. In the interest of public service (and not wanting to see my work go to waste) I'm posting them here for general consumption.

The first one gives some tips about how to prepare for your first -- or really any -- cross country mountain bike race.

The second page of that flier might be more useful, as along with a few double-super-secret racing tips it compiles a list of local XC races. Of particular interest are the new Triangle Mountain Bike Race Series events, which are bolded.

The other flier is an overview of longer endurance-type mountain bike races. It's pretty general, but might still be helpful to some.

Again, on the flip side there is a list of regional endurance events. This is actually pretty useful: when I was compiling these I was surprised at how many I came up with, particularly how many 12/24 hour races there are.

Page two also has a list of some of the local XC races, of which there are surprisingly a great number. I hope this helps out someone.

Oh, mad props and good luck to our three Cohutta warriors this weekend: go Brian, JD, and Dave!

Addendum: Before any newbie stumbles across the fliers above and gets overwhelmed by sheer number of bullet points I assembled, I wanted to give one caveat: I've never followed all of my own advice, and it's hard for me to imagine a world in which I would be able to carefully and calmly go through each step in preparation for a race. Please take this as perfect-world advice, and not any sort of prescription of must-do before your first race. Just use this advice as a friendly guide and I'm sure you'll be fine. Except the demand to have fun, which you absolutely must do.

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