Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Cup: Cross Report; number: 1, (&) 2...

The NC Winter Cup is literally off to a running start. For real, I think I wound up running on Sunday about as much as I was in the saddle (before crashing out). The Saturday race in Salisbury had some decent weather and felt fast. The course was the same as the NCCX Series, a little more mud but it still felt familiar. Sunday on the other hand was a mess. Rain the night before had saturated the ground and the previous races had sliced the course up, turning it into a sticky mud pit. Fortunately, sticky mud pit equates to super-fun racing and it was also cool that the course went around SECCA (former NCSA grad what can I say?). That said, Jay rocked out both days finishing 3rd and 3rd. Way to go! I felt good and finished 11th on Sat. but lost it in the mud on Sun. and rolled an ankle on the second lap. Oh well, that's bike racing.

Hey! Pictures!

Sunday before the race. If you can't tell, I can barely contain myself.
The pictures don't give the mud credit, the back stretches through the woods were almost just as fast on foot as in the saddle.Upon seeing this one Jay said it best himself: "Hey, look at me! I took the 8 year old on the tiny hill." (the Juniors and CX4s race concurrently)

More to Come!


DukePirate said...

Way to go to both of you on your finishes!

More pics of the sweet sweet Bonti cross bike, please.

felonious said...

Jay and OG: the sharpest knives in the BCC drawer.