Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Real Vintage Steel

As promised I am putting up some clean images of the Bontrager CX. But before that, seeing the prompt was really for vintage steel I thought I would include some of the pre-CX rides. Enjoy

The original steel machine that made me feel faster than I really am was this Patterson Racing frame from the early days of wishing I was a BMX racer. It needs some love.
Much later I had an 88 Jamis Dakota. You know one of those steel 35lb bombers. Alas no photos I can find now of that one. After getting crushed on some climbs around Boone I went for aluminum (gasp!). After taking a daily pounding on the Pisgah trails I decided I needed to ride on the road some and this Corsa Extra frame came along. The Merckx was never in the best shape but has seem many miles. Today it is the faithful commuter and after work training bike.
Yes, the rumor is true. The Bontrager Race Lite frame does exist and was a shop purchase when I worked at GoPal bikes in Charlottesville. This frame is from 96. From what I understand the race and race lites were still being made in Santa Cruz while the privateer began production at Trek around this time. I have ridden this bike all over the US and it is real steel. Check out the slender rigid seat stays. Want more info go here http://ridesmarter.com/ and http://yojimg.net/bike/bontrager.php
This ride led to my recent search for a Bontrager CX frame. The BCC special teams cyclocross unit fed my appetite for racing cross. While the race lite was fun I had little chance to compete on 26" wheels. After reading this (http://www.belgiumkneewarmers.com/2007/09/bontrager-talks-cx.html) I was on the lookout for another Bontrager. At the end of the NCCX series I was on the verge of buying a Bianchi when this one came along, thanks to TAZ from Atlanta. It has been as sweet as I could have imagined and just in time for the Winter Cup. It is definately vintage steel.


felonious said...

Gorgeous. Just beautiful.

DukePirate said...

Great looking bikes. The 'cross is particularly spectacular. I'm glad you're riding it, too: keep that sucker in use!

co2cycle said...

is 2009 the year of the bmx?