Thursday, January 29, 2009

Logos....what is in a Logo?

While I love snow and the wonderful offseason snowboarding, I have recently found myself itching to hit the Rockies on two wheels (and not freeze). If I am not mistaking the phrase "I wanna ride my mountain bike in Crested Butte" escaped my mouth not once.....not twice but at least 4 times yesterday.

As I flipped through the pages of today I was drawn to the upcoming mountain bike season (now I know some of you thought it might be the reports on Alberto Contador's new shades). So logos? I noticed that the BC Bike Race was advertising on and I started to think how BCC needed to throw our helmets into the ring of "team" mountain bike racing. So as we gaze into the upcoming tropical months and shed our snowy veils of winter......who wants to race a multi-day mountain bike stage race?

All of this because of winter cabin fever, a crazy bear logo and oh........I guess a love of mountain bikes too.


co2cycle said...

team racing: i like it.
logos with animals: i also like it.

what kind of brake levers is that bear rocking?

DukePirate said...


(What Would Bear Brake?)

micro1985 said...
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bullcitybiker said...

More great reading: Chapel Hill's Matt Lee starts up his own race, then wins it hands-down.