Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trade Rumors, Preseason Training and Such

Just wanted to answer some hard questions that have been blowing up the Bull City Rocky Mountain switchboard lately.

1) The Rock Racing Road deal seems to totally be off the table now.......but an invite from the Rock Racing/Quiksilver Snowboard team is hopefully in the works.
2) Winter training here at the Denver Camp has recently centered on Wedding Planning. Sadly negotiations with Dr. 77's wedding planning service firm seem to have fallen through.......leaving little on the bike training time.
3) Hollywood and the future Mrs. Hollywood are set to get married April 11, 2009 (in Denver).
4) Plans for Bull City's Colorado Summer MTB Escapade (not in an Escalade) are ready to begin. Come one....come all.

Details to follow


felonious said...

Does the giro helmet violate your S-works contract? And you're getting married! said...

It is actually a prototype S-Works snowboard helmet left over from the Shaun Palmer days at the big S.....the Giro stickers are there to confuse.....