Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We set out for the 3rd race of the Winter cup series sans Linus who was down for the count with a cold. Chris and I were not sure what to expect from the course in Fayettville. I believe Chris would agree it was more demanding than we thought it might be. One of the more treacherous sections included a series of off-camber turns leading into a 180 with barriers just after the apex. The barriers had a drainage swale running through the middle and then a run up just after. I am not sure what was in that swale but you had to buckle up for fear of losing a boot and our ignorance of the liquid make up did not discourage us from willingly tromping through it on multiple occasions.

I took a good start in the CX4 race and ended up in front for most of the first lap. Unfortunately, I pulled a foot out of my pedal on a small uphill section and the guy I have finished behind in the last two races took over the lead and I could never catch him. I did hold off the third and fourth place riders to finish second. By the way, I am starting to wonder why Chris and Linus are always taking race photos of me competing with the juniors. Oh and here is a post race photo of the Bontrager. I will try and post some clean images later.
Chris took a good start in his group as well. There were some reports of a little bumping up a small hill on the first lap but it sounds like Chris muscled his way through it and rode with two guys until the last lap. Check out the barrier dismount. Chris only wished I had this shot when he wasn't getting dropped.
But a fifth place finish put him in the money and smiling depsite the mud on his sweet kit.


co2cycle said...

Great result and great post, Jay. But it's time for you to stop sandbagging in the 12-14 year-old category.

felonious said...

Props on a strong no. 2 finish, Jay. Props to O. Gangsta and the Professor on the hating.