Tuesday, August 19, 2008

two wheels good/two legs bad

Reality check: sometimes, when slowly grinding up a hill on a mountain bike, I ask myself "wouldn't this be faster if I didn't have to drag this bike and was just walking/running/hiking?" 
The answer: no.
That is, not if you're carrying a heavy backpack. Case in point, a backpacking trip in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 

18 miles. 9 hours. Biking is faster. My quads are destroyed. So please, for the love of Pirate, stay on the bike. Don't get off the bike.

No beets or Battlestar, but we did see some bears:
mother and child hanging out in a cherry tree in the parking lot. Bearstronauts!


DukePirate said...


1007.rad.haus said...

how do you go to the smokies and see bears and such and i spend 11 days in back country colorado and all i saw was like 439 chipmonks and a donkey. oh wait that was ali. just kidding. he was a race horse flying up the hill. but one day we were tight on space in the "mini van" and did have to put his bike in the glove box.

you missed fake racin!!!!! colorado training has been really good for fake racing......yet i am still not smart enough to not be the first person to jump at the sprint line. sprinted long and first.......ended up 5th of 5th out of our strong breakaway group.

oh well..........i'll keep beating my head against the wall!!!!!!!!!!

1007.rad.haus said...

hhiking is way harder than mt biking.......ask JD, Dave or myself about hike a biking at Mt. Mitchell. it sucks.

DukePirate said...

Any chance we'll get some Circle A pics? I'd really like to see how those turned out. So would the bearstronauts.