Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crested Butte Team Home, O2 overload, and Dr. 7

Watch out kiddos. Ali (now called Dr. 7) and I are back from the high mountains and breathing has never been easier, minds clearer, smiles bigger, tan lines darker, scabs crustier and bruises bluer.

Fake Racin' on tonight? Our lovely mt. bikes are in the hands of FedEx at this moment......safely I hope.

Crested Butte the Movie (DVD) is in pre-production and we should be looking for an early release date around the Holidays, that is if Emily helps me out with the formatting in iMovie. Need to coordinate on a red carpet gala at the raleigh Imax with Koelle and reception at Second Empire with Daniel. Should Rivial the Collective

Also more photos and blog posts will follow as Ali and I catch up on work and "normal" life.

It was epic.

Speaking of Epic.......rumor.....top secret WORLD RELEASE from Bull City Cycling. Specialized is making a 2009 S-Works Epic 29er. It is a top secret project that we heard about from a Specialized Product tester in Crested Butte. But you didn't hear it from us. It is so secret they did not even talk about it or show it at the 2009 Product Line Dealer Event unveiling last month in California.


DukePirate said...

Specialized is making a 2009 S-Works Epic 29er.


This one can stay a secret as far as I'm concerned. No matter how much of a Special-head someone is, I just don't see how this is exciting. Another full-suspension, short-travel 29er? With an outrageous price tag? No thanks. For the upwards of $5k that an S-Works bike will cost (judging by others in the line), you could have a custom-made full-suspension bike from a smaller builder.

Then again, I don't have the money for either, so I guess my opinion is pretty meaningless. The is the interwebs, though, so I'm not stopping here...

I've been thinking about it, and I'm not sure that I'd ever want a full-suspension 29er for east coast type riding, where a tight wheelbase is more important that high-speed stability. Maybe I'm in the minority though, or maybe high-speed, high-income western US riders represent a larger market share that I realize. A 5x5 26er? Ok, maybe. But not the enormously stretched wheelbase and high front end necessary to make a 5x5 29er.

Idle musing on my part, I know. Feel free to discuss and disagree.

More importantly, I'm glad you guys are back and that no one got injured or took any bad spills. Looking forward to the DVD of the adventure.

curveship said...

I'll be racing the fake tonight. See y'all there and hope to hear some stories!