Friday, August 22, 2008

Race at the Reactor - Triangle MTB Series Race this Weekend

Oh yeah......Bull City is going Nuclear this guys and gals, leave your flux capacitors at home this Sunday.

The 4th and final "normal" race of the TORC Triangle Mountain Bike Series (The Race at the Reactor) is this weekend at Harris Lake County Park in southern Wake County just south of Raleigh. Should be a fun one and hopefully the weather will hold out for a dry and fast race.

Anyone wanna volunteer for some buddy points for me to help me move up in the standings? Somehow I am now in 4th in expert by 1/2 a point and could be in second if I can just get 1.5 points I would be in 2nd overall!!!! All I have to say is consistentcy, cause these guys sure are faster than me right now.......despite 9 days of altitude training in Crested Butte last week.

It is actually an early start so if any of you peeps or bike shop folks wanna come cheer, race or watch my race it starts at 9:30am. Cheerleaders are always much appreciated and can double as buddy points that could move me to 2nd in the Series!!!! Beginner is before and SingleSpeed/Sport are afterwards.

And no the new "Hollywood" bike will not be ready for this race as it is not set to arrive until next week.

Come support Bull City Cycling!!!!!!!

3 comments: said...

Why still does everyone call me hollywood? i mean is brian not cool enough?

does everyone know dr. 7 yet......aka (ali)

what is linus' nickname?

homework for everyone for the meeting.

DukePirate said...

Good luck at the race guys! said...

Great job by all Bull City Cyclers and Friends......

Post and photos coming. I've got lot of "work" to catch up on today!!!!