Monday, August 25, 2008

Nuclear Recap - Race at the Reactor 8/24/08

Quickly posting some photos, text and race discussion will follow

JD and future BCCer Luke warming up

Adam pre-race

Me (Brian) getting my butt kicked.

New Brian (not holster Brian) finishing up Single Speed (I think he needs a new jersey? Thought?)

Daniel pushing it hard to the line despite breaking his chain on the starting line!!! Determination!!!!

Sexy Ben finishing up the Sport race looking strong.

Racing his first mountain bike race? On a singlespeed 1994 Specialized Hardrock? Nice

Post Race Discussions and excuse swapping

Adam so excited that he actually gets to hang out with cool people like Bull City Cycling.


DukePirate said...

Good job guys! I like the pics, too. Some thoughts: the one of Daniel kicking in the afterburners is scary; Ben looks huge; somebody needs to give that Adam kid a shirt; and JD is geared up and looks like a pro.

Harry Park said...

Here's some more pics of Brian taken at the race:
Hollywood in motion

Hollywood waiting for the start

jd said...

Nice turn out for the team. Results are up: