Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monarch Crest Trail Epic - Continental Trail

Monarch Crest Trail

Monarch Crest Trail

Monarch Crest Trail


co2cycle said...

posting videos is lazy blogging. but it suggests that you kids are having fun.

DukePirate said...

I agree -- at least give us some captions, yo!

Then again, where are the snaps of the new bike Chris? said...

we have had some technical problems with i am staying up way too late every night trying to keep this going. i'm behind. Flickr is coming. I hope to have Ali write more text. I've shot about 20 videos, and close to 800 photos. and we have 3 + days to go. Major motion picture to be released on DVD this fall. Red carpet and all. Ali pulled some strings and we have the Carolina Theater rented out. Too bad we had to use inflatable crash test dummies as stand ins for the rest of you all. But it looks really great when you all go flipping off the 2000 ft cliff.