Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vocabulary Word of the Day: Wind

Venturing out on the mountain bike today, I was pitted against my arch enemy......wind. Usually on windy days the mountain bike is a safe bet to avoid blustery conditions by seeking refuge in the trees. Alas, this is Colorado and we have hardly any trees. So in other words, nothing to break the wind but my face. Several interesting things happened to me today on the mountain bike.

1) I was blown off my mountain bike not once, but twice today.
2) While riding with a crosswind on a ridge, I had to ride at a 45 degree angle sideways to stay on the bike.
3) My ride today had four significant, sustained climbs and I was actually blown UPHILL on three of them. Seriously, I stopped pedaling and continued forward progress......uphill. It was like anti-gravity.

Now witness the power of wind.......

April (my fiancee) taking flight

So in summary, I learned a few things today:

1) Wind is equal to anti-gravity when applied in the appropriate direction.
2) All coal power plants should be recycled into windmills.
3) If Ali would have been out there with me today......he would be landing somewhere in Kansas right about now.

1 comment:

co2cycle said...

this is probably the result of:
a) your bike is too light
b) you are too light
c) colorado air is too thin
d) you've regrown your "Belgium Neckwarmer" Euromullet, which acted like a wing and sent you sailing