Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chill Cruiser Cush

Here at BCC we love shreddin' up some singletrack, leaping cyclocross barriers and grinding away asphalt climbs...but we also know that there is a time to chill and just cruise around on two wheels. Below is my beloved "Star Cruiser" (named for the OEM chainring). Originally, this cruiser was a circa 1960s AMF, fitted with fenders, rack, chainguard and lots of rust.

Before (Circa 2004)

Now the "Star Cruiser" has entered its new life, undergoing a complete makeover. The AMF was stripped and a new seat tube (Columbus FOCO) was welded in and the entire frame was repainted. The frame and chainring are the only original parts remaining. The "Star Cruiser" is equipped with a retro 1999 Rolf Dolomite mountain bike front wheel, Dyno Fireball balloon tires, a rigid triple clamp cruiser fork and a cush cush cush flame embroidered cruiser saddle.

After (Present Day 2009)


Anonymous said...
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DukePirate said...

I really like the old fenders and chain guard. Any chance you can put those back on, or were they trashed?

hollywood said...

they are at my folks house in alabama in a box. pretty rusty. fenders won't work with the balloon tires, but the chainguard might.