Wednesday, February 18, 2009

elements of style

as not to be one of those bloggers who only finds fault with others and never gives any praise, i thought i'd point out a few "kits" i do like.

how about the AA Drink team:

primary and secondary colors (yellow + blue = green) are great. simple design. not totally jammed with huge logos. well done.

i'm not sure what AA Drink actually is, but it's either:
a) a sports drink
b) a sports drank
c) Drank, "anti-energy" drink
d) a non-subliminal trick to get recovering alcoholics to relapse
e) a non-subliminal trick to get non-geologists to drink molten aa lava (from the makers of Diet Pahoehoe)
f) an awesome beverage named after the initials of our very own Ali

whatever it is, it is my new goal in life to try some...unlike trendy jeans made by a certain bicycle racing team sponsor.


felonious said...

That's right, I have my own sports drank- although it's not close to the secret formular Hi-C that The Professor has been rubbing in training.

hollywood said...

No no....the Professor rocks PBR in his waterbottles.....or so I think.