Tuesday, February 17, 2009

is Rock dead?

The Tour of California is interesting for several reasons. First of all, there's some interesting racing going on, with a lot of big names chilling out and a lot of scrubs making good. Also, the field is so loaded with admitted and suspected dopers, there are actually too many to focus on, so it allows us to focus on the racing. Also, despite the possibility of the best ever collection of bikes ever, it also features the worst ever collection of jerseys ever. Rock Racing's jerseys are so terrible, they made me forget Columbia's crappy fake-abs jerseys. I mean, really, kits featuring fake spray painted stenciling? How about fake jerseys with real Sharpie lettering. That is the BCC way. Also, why don't any of these teams have matching rain jackets? Not that I'm one to desparage someone for not being "pro" enough, but that's simply not "pro" enough. I think Saxo-Bank at least has a tiny logo on their jackets. But the sponsors must be kicking themselves for not spending the extra cash on matching jackets.

In any event, most cycling blogs are abuzz about Rock Racing (or Rub Racing), so I won't spend too much more time on that topic. However, despite all of Rock's publicity stunts, none are as great a Stunt Rock:

...at least the Stunt Rock trailer (the film is actually (surprisingly enough) terrible).

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hollywood said...

wow.....i counted 157 people dying in this video.

But the Wizard rocks!! Why don't we have a wizard on BCC? Think back to Taxi Driver.....