Wednesday, September 28, 2011

cyclocross is happening

everywhere around me, people are enjoying the simple thrills of cyclocross. and although i am jealous, i am not bitter. i'll be back soon enough.

but while things are just ramping up down south, our friends up north are already in full swing. here's an article about our friends from Fort Garry Bike Club up in Winnipeg and their awesome event. while portland and new england battle over which region is the belgium of north american cyclocross, winnipeg may just be the czech republic of north american cx. you can quote me on that...whatever that means.

okay, but now that your race is over, where the heck is the vicarious cyclocross competition? c'mon you hosers, since i can't race, i need to get my fix somehow.

1 comment:

felonious said...

The Canadian race looks awesome and the Dark Lord and his band of merry men look like they have become quite the promoters.

I've heard rumors of another Durham race? Is that true?