Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new hardware, new members

As I mentioned, I had a little bicycle related mishap. And with any such mishap, the first question is "is my bike okay?" If the answer is no, then the logical response is "Sweet! Time to upgrade!!!" So after my crash, I upgraded to titanium.

Although I generally like steel, I opted for the weight savings of titanium. And since my insurance is (hopefully) paying for most of this, it seems like a worthwhile upgrade. To be honest, though, "opted" isn't really accurate since they just went ahead and decided the best components for my collarbone. They also told me that they used 6 screws, while I would have suggested using only 3, like some pro mountain bikers do on their disc brake rotors, but again, I was not consulted. Upon examining my x-ray, I noticed an extra bonus 7th screw (although technically #4 might be a nail or pin). Once again, I'm all for structural integrity, but I want to get weight savings wherever possible. I was also somewhat puzzled by this mystery bit right here: 

It isn't attached to the plate, and it looks suspiciously like a brake cable end-cap. 

Since this component was added to my right side of my body, I took the opportunity this weekend to balance the weight with some hardware on the left side. 

In this case, I'm more of a traditionalist and opted not for fancy new materials, but the tried-and-true (although slightly heavier) metal, gold. I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful wife who supports me even through idiotic bicycle accidents. We were so thrilled to be surrounded by so many fantastic people, including BCC members: Jay and his family, Ali and his new wife, and Linus and his future wife. Jay and Linus were able to sneak a ride in before the ceremony, avoiding both rain and wrecks.

Unfortunately, my brother, sometimes BCC member sometimes known as "oishikatta", was unable to attend; however, he wrote a memorable speech (read by a friend) that featured an in depth comparison between cycling and marriage. It involved some quotations, commentary on strategy, and more physics than I anticipated in a toast. A fitting tribute from one bicycle geek to another.

I should mention that my brother, sometimes known as "miniweesh", was absent for good reason. His wife was delivering an even mini-er "weesh", their first child (and my first nephew), Cole Russell. Yet another welcome addition to the extended BCC family.

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felonious said...

That was fun times. Although Miniweesh was missed, the cause of his absence was reason for additional celebration. Beautiful venue, awesome couple, wonderful company.