Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i am a wimp

i had the chance to take on j-pow himself on saturday at the nc cylcocross series salisbury race. i was looking forward to adding him to the long list of cyclocross luminaries who have kicked my ass in the past. people like barry wicks, ryan trebon, brent bookwalter, adam meyerson, and countless other dudes. however, i got kinda sick at the end of the week. combining that with not riding a bike for a couple of weeks around christmas and not wanting to spend the day out in the cold, i whimped out. it was probably for the best, since i also had a lot of work to do. i guess i also missed the opportunity to see if the recently-minted cat-2, fifteen year-old byron could be added to my list of people who have kicked my ass. we'll have to wait until wilkesboro to see...

linus raced. how'd it go linus?

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