Thursday, January 13, 2011


To answer the previous post's question: Racing was hard. I didn't have the pleasure of taking on Mr. Powers in the pro race but I did manage to get crushed in the cat3. I'd attribute at least part of the soul crushing failure to the the fact that this was the first real winter cross race for me. I think it was around 28-30 degrees and my lungs closed up. At one point I was pedaling through a moderately techie section with some muddy switchbacks and heard a strange grinding/wizzing noise that I thought might be a bearing or something. Then I realized it was the sound of myself breathing and that I was probably pretty screwed. I tried to keep turning over but without ever getting a full breath it was hard to put any real power down to the pedals. It was pretty cool to watch J-Pows cruise around the course and lay a severe beat down on the best racers in North Carolina. I wouldn't say he was taking it easy or that he didn't brake a sweat but he did seam pretty in control of his faculties. As for me, I think I'm switching into fun 'cross mode rather than fast 'cross mode. Any costume ideas for the Durham race next Sat.? I'm already figuring out how to tape some beers onto my Lazer helmet, though I haven't been able to track down a shinny gold skinsuit...

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