Monday, January 24, 2011

Durham CX

That totally happened!

and thank you everyone!

We love Durham so much that we didn't want to have a bunch of fools from outta town fucking it up so we held the cyclocross race in Orange County. Fortunately, nothing got fucked up, and I would like to send a special shout-out to our co-sponsors, Regulator Cycling along with Kim and the magical Rufus at Orange County Speedway. Please patronize our sponsors:

Counter Culture Coffee
Janistore Inc, a division of Midwest Elastomers (this is true)
TriClean Professional Commercial Cleaning (fine racing Burke!)

additionally, thanks to Drew who brought the Farmhand Foods truck out (but closed before I could get a late-day pimento grilled cheese), and Fullsteam Brewery (who sold us the beer we gave away).

I was particularly excited lots of folks from the Durham cycling community who came out to cheer/heckle/get drunk, including
Dave & Leslie & others from the Durham Bike Coop
Todd from Duke Cycling
Dave from Horse and Buggy Press
the amazing Miss Kim B who says she's can't race but exerted more effort helping us tear-down at both the Wilkesboro race and our race and ran around and cheered like a maniac
Emma, who finds it appropriate to nearly flash Thor and the Garmin guys but was kind enough to keep things "PG-rated" for Durham cx
Li'l Byron who may or may not have skipped school to help us set up and who i need to be nice to because he will soon be beating me (but hopefully at least not until he's old enough to get his driver's license)
all the members of the Forest Hills Park Cycling Association

anonymous benefactors for goods and services
and many others who i may have forgotten

I'm awaiting an upload of some photos from my brother, honorary BCC member, who traveled down from up north to help us set up and to represent his title as the New Jersey state champion of cyclocross sandbagging and Jimenez Velo.

more reports coming soon with fewer inside jokes and actual picures...

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