Monday, July 19, 2010

video killed the blog star

I'm happy to see that Hollywood is (finally) living up to his name and is starring in films. He also appears to be tuned in to the fact that mountain bike related films are all the rage:

Somehow, seeing a car that resembles mine driving around in a hometown that used to be mine makes me pine for Douglas Fir trees.

I actually did go for a mountain bike ride the other day, like the first one I've done in at least a month. I planned on rolling out on my own, but ran into Calvin (the real one, not the cartoon one sometimes depicted peeing on things on people's car windows) over at Crabtree and joined him and a bunch of other folks for a really large ride. I think the ride was organized by the Misfits (the bike ones, not the band sometimes depicted with the skull logo on gutter punks' jean jackets or on youtube:


Anyway, it was fun to get back on the dirt and ride with some nice folks. Especially Calvin, who I hadn't seen in a great long while and who is rolling fast, as always. I felt bad because I had to bail out early because I was late for dinner and in danger of getting grounded and having all of my Misfits albums taken away.

Even Linus is getting back into the off-road game, with a fresh new 29er frame he managed to make look like a gutter punk's jean jacket before even riding it. If you like pre-distressed furniture or jeans that are already ripped around the edges, you'll love Linus' new bike. No, actually, you'll probably think it looks terrible. It does look terrible. But, therein lies its beauty. Hopefully he post pictures soon.

Also, there was road racing, but more on that later.

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felonious said...

"video killed the blog star". truer words have never been spoken