Friday, July 23, 2010

revisionist history

this truly must be the time after history. Sir Curveship is getting his local cycling news not from an unpopular local cycling blog, but from a popular local neighborhood blog. All of the group rides seem to be departing from the Mile High City, rather than the Bull City. And shortly after moving to the northeast, smAli forwards me this article:

The bank robber's height may lead some to believe that this felony was not committed by the blogger named Felonius, but I tend to think that he sent it along to brag about his exploits. Besides, in these tough economic times, who doesn't need a little extra cash for some new bike parts?

I was also intrigued by the fact that cycling videos (as well as barely-relavant music videos) have been replaced by beer videos. This is fine by me because it's too hot to even think about riding bicycles, so thinking about watching videos about beer is about my speed.

The British lads at Brew Dog have created a comically strong beer that is served in a stoat-coozie as a grand "fuck you" the the Germans. While many (okay, probably relatively few) watched this battle like a Cavendish/Greipel media duel, no one was paying attention to, say Chris Anker Sorenson while the crafty Dane escaped. Indeed, both the British and Germans have been scooped--in their attempt to serve beer in a small mammal, the Danes have actually produced a beer that has been processed by a small mammal:
I've actually tried Beer Geek Brunch-Weasel at FakeBeerFest a couple of years back and it's quite good. Combining coffee and beer is great, but using coffee beans that have been eaten and passed and collected (and presumably washed off) by civets is sheer brilliance.

But enough nonsense. A few of the BCCers are approaching their moment of truth at the Off Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell this weekend. Best of luck to our own ORAMMers and may you have the power of the mighty Air Jammer Road Rammer

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